Social Commerce plays a vital role in engaging both existing and new customers. There are many queries like what is the need of Social Media, Why it is important and Do we need to have a strategy for running our project on social sites? These questions do have answers. Now, as know everyone of us is using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google + to interact with friends and carry on their business. The most important thing which comes here is Audience. Globally connected social media accounts helps to generate a large audience which can follow you which leads to more visits or conversions which will be highly beneficial to you.

Why our social commerce solutions?

Digital Heptagon is one such social media marketing partner that not only assures, but also delivers on the assurances. We have been working on social media marketing for a quite significant time and our social media campaigns have worked wonders for our clients. If you already have been struggling for getting your social media page in the client’s attention but with no avail, then you certainly need our social commerce solutions that will bring you only the desired results. Our strength lies in identifying your social commerce problems such as the factors that are hindering the progress of your social media page. We first begin by finding out all the factors that are not helping your social media page to reach its potential. This involves a careful scrutiny of your page and then correcting all the factors that are causing the problem.

Why advertising on Social Media is a good idea?

1. Advertisements are visible only to your targeted Market
By demographics, it is possible to analyse your target area and you can easily advertise your ad in any region. In professional circles, these ads are more business oriented and under casual social sites, these are much more relaxed.
2. Low Pay Per Click Cost
The majority of the market is with google, so less companies advertise on social sites. So, there is less competition and in turn low cost.
3. Promoted Posts
Facebook and other social sites provides an option of Promoted Posts, by which you can increase your numbers likes. This helps to get maximum visibility to your post and in turn high traffic.