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Reserve Top Search Engine Rankings For Your Online Business

With Google being the new Yellow Pages, we secure your business among the topmost positions without even paying for it. With a complete strategy & a planned marketing, we help you to build a brand value across the web.

No guess work. No duplicity. Just the bespoke solutions to meet your SEO requirements.

Digital Heptagon is an innovative, dynamic and performance oriented digital marketing company that thrives on SEO techniques, for desktop and mobile, to give your site just the right building blocks it needs to succeed and achieve sustainability to reach and retain the top positions. Our strategies don’t aim to put you in front of the generic traffic looking up for information but in front of the specific audience that is looking for what you provide. We work with transparency, use our experience and make sure you achieve your goals in time.

Increased Traffic

Top positions on the search engine receive a majority of the impressions & clicks, so ranking in these top positions can result in significant traffic increases for your website.

Brand Visibility

The top positions in search engine lead to more exposure for your website. This helps users to associate your brand with those keywords and makes your site more trustworthy.


Search Engine Optimization provides trackable and quantifiable results, regardless of whether you are an ecommerce or non-ecommerce site so there are no qualms when it comes to ROI.

Increased site usability

SEO corrects the site’s architecture and links to make pages within the website easier to find and navigate. This makes it easier both for users and search engines to find information.

What our customer have to say?

“We hired Digital Heptagon to organise our business online, create an amazing brand that communicated to our demographic clearly and to increase sales. We highly recommend the entire team!”


“They have been very enjoyable to work with. When I’ve had technical issues that needed to be addressed, they responded quickly and handled the problem in a very effective manner.”

Bethy K.

“Karan and his team are fantastic to work with. Very prompt replies to every email. Efficient and creative. I also appreciate the level of personal interaction.”


SEO India

Internet has become a primary source for information in today’s world wherein search engines are utilized to acquire desired results by any individual. Google is the biggest search engine with 70%+ search market. The best way for any company for being noticed is by optimizing its internet presence for search engines as what is seen, get sold.

With a dedicated team effort, this is what we encompass in SEO services.

  • Website Architecture
  • Technical SEO
  • Loading time optimization
  • Title & Meta Description
  • Interlining & heading tags
  • Responsive
  • URL naming contention
  • Non-keyword rich domain

  • Content
  • Blog
  • Linkable assets
  • Social media
  • Images alt tags
  • Natural mentions
  • Links acquisition
  • Content marketing

There is no single method to get SEO done, it about creating a matrix with mix and match of various techniques, to get at the top of any listing. Digital Heptagon is a marketing expert, which aims to achieve long-term goals with innovative strategies and out of the box thinking. We do not believe in conventional and automated techniques that produce short term success. With our comprehensive campaigns, we make sure that our customers evolves as a positive and well-recognized brands.

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