Once the faith of customer is lost, even the most stable business burns out like a falling meteor. Today every individual can voice their opinion on any social platform and it is not necessary that everyone always has something good to say, irrespective of how good your business has done. This is where we come in, we manage your entire portfolio over internet and help upscale your reputation in the digital world, as it has become primary source of information.

What we do?

• Creation and promotion of positive content
• Creating a trustworthy social business profile on social networking sites like Facebook, relevant forums and blogs
• Regular monitoring of consumer reviews and material posted on blogs, including blog comments
• We Use a wide variety of SEO tools and techniques to push positive content to the top and bury the bad press deep
• Discover and manage bad PR or ‘take down’ requests to site managers to remove negative content.
• Ceasing negative campaigns

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Reputation is psychological phenomena, on which trust of customer depends.