Digital Heptagon is an enterprise, offering its clients with innovative web design and internet marketing solutions. We strive in providing the best solutions to our customers, enabling them with growth and success in their domains. Our Success lies in the success of our Esteemed Customers. It’s their Success where our Success and Happiness Lies.

We do not believe in assigning a monotonous monthly budget for a marketing campaign, wherein money is being spent without returns. Rather we believe in active budget management. By this, we mean closely tracking the key metrics of online marketing while spending and actively managing the budget to maximise their profitability. This involves implementing Telephone, Query form and E-Commerce Tracking to ensure that we are at all times making an informed, data-based decisions and eliminating guesswork. The three-pronged approach of developing world class websites, driving strong traffic from a diverse range of sources while meticulously measuring all relevant data is one that maximises our clients ROI.


Our Experts

Our Team is classified into:

  • Information Architects:    They are the ones who fill the gap between card sorting and visual wire framing. The Analysis done by them pass on the client requirements into flowcharts by which we can lay down our website.
  • Copywriters or Content Writers:   They are the one who provide expertise in deciding what text goes on and off website and in what manner.
  • Designers:    Now, We have information; We have the content. Now, what we need is a Design. So, designers are the ones who create designs best fitted for the website. (Logo, Banners and Graphics).
  • Project Managers:    The alpha of the team, they provide insight and bring the coordination between the team members to get the desired results.
  • Clients:     We include clients in the projects as well so that they understand what’s going on in their project and keep providing feedback.